alive, growing, dynamic, expressive discovery, inviting you to discover yourself in it.

Festival was born out of JAH NATION'S idea to spread the Jungle, Reggae music culture in Lithuania.

However, with growing interest and dropping numbers of electronic music festivals we have started to broaden the specter of electronic music we can offer. 




Positive vibrations was not enough to go around. We have found ourselves wanting to dye the hearts of electronic music lovers in the colors of revolution so we've invited them to let go of one music style and, for at least one DJ set or LIVE performance, dive deep into the unprecedented rhythms. 

We want to show the People of the festival, that a Techno lover may find himself swinging to the sounds of Reggae, and those, most often found at the Hardcore stage with theirs fists held high, may find serenity at the space of Chill. 

Good music is not necessarily the one, that is familiar down to the last note. 

Good music is the one, that allows you discover something new. 


Today our musical specter is combined by 
Jungle, Reggae, Techno, Hardcore, Drum and Bass, Psytrance and Chill
music worlds, colors and hues.    


We believe the festival is a place to find things you've never even looked for.

Open your heart to the Revolution on the 6th-9th of July.